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Chapter 8: Blowing the horn

Despite looking clean, Ainsley wiped at the mouthpiece of the horn before placing her lips to it. She paused. Ainsley thought it was weird that the horn had no dust on it at all, it was completely unblemished by the passage of time. She gave a furtive glance back at Mike and asked. “Are you

Chapter 6: Crossing the threshold

Gone. Morne and Chelsey were nowhere to be seen. One minute they were running into the bushes, and then. Gone. Ainsley frantically looked around trying to catch a glimpse of her friends. She came to an awkward, stumbling stop, placing her hands on her knees as she gasped for air. A surge of panic gripped

Chapter 5: Finding the grove

Ainsley skidded to a halt at one of the old rest-stops along the road. The morning felt calm as the first rays of sunshine peeked through the treetops. Nobody else had arrived yet so Ainsley decided to wait. She hopped off her bike and dropped it onto the dew wet grass. I guess I’m kind

Chapter 3: The aftermath a week later

Ainsley stayed hidden in her home for the better part of a week, constantly worrying that the police were coming to take her away. She hadn’t even made it back home before she heard the sirens blasting through the neighborhoods as she pedaled home. In the following days she heard from the news reports that

Chapter 2: The ground is alive

 Chapter 2: The ground is alive The earth fell silent as Ainsley lowered her hands. She blinked several times as if she’d just woken up. “Did it work?” she mumbled groggily, surveying the grove for her friends. All of her friends laid on the ground sprawled out, looking dazed. Ainsley frowned in confusion trying to

Chapter 1: What’s the worst that could happen?

Chapter 1: What’s the worst that could happen?   “So where did you find this spell again?” Mike asked as he sat on the edge of a crash barrier at the side of an old forest road. “I found it on IRC after checking out a few message boards. But dude, a lot of them